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Name:Johnny Storm
Hi. I'm Johnny Storm. Pilot and extreme-sports junkie. If you live in New York City, you've probably heard of me, and my team, the Fantastic Four. I'm the Human Torch... but ladies can call me Torch.

My sister says I'm a hot-head and that it's dangerous for me to be out in public, but you know I'm the real life of the team. When we're not off saving the world from some asshole with an attitude problem, you can probably find me doing something that involves a serious adrenaline rush. Want in? I'm always willing to help a lady get a serious rush of her own going. By any means necessary.

((This is an RPG journal. Johnny Storm is the property of Marvel Comics and 20th Century Fox, and was created by that GOD among men, Stan Lee. I just play him for fun, and not for profit. This is the Movie version. Sorry if that's a problem for canon comic buffs. Oh, and one more thing, yeah, this guy's a serious player, but I'm not really interested in doing sex scenes with muns I don't know. Just want everybody to know where I stand on that. Flirt with him, go off somewhere "private" with him, fine by me. But I'm not cybersexin' you out of the blue. I play this guy because I like him, not to get people's rocks off. For a full explanation of how I intend to play him, click here.))
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